Report a Crime

In an Emergency situation or a crime in progress, call 911.
To Report suspicious activity within SONA boundaries, please call 916-874-5115.  Press "0" when the recording begins and follow these instructions:  contact the SONA patrol.
Reporting a crime that has already occurred via an online crime report is very important.  Both the City and County use crime reports to determine crime trends and to determine where to place patrols.  SONA uses Crime Report Statistics provided by the City and County to schedule off-duty patrols.  
Please take the time to report all crimes; car break-ins, mail theft, package theft and garage theft comprise most of the criminal activity in Sierra Oaks.  Online crime reporting can help make our neighborhood safer and will help SONA optimize off-duty patrol scheduling.
How to report a crime depends on where the crime occurred.

If the crime occurred within Sacramento County - Report a Crime.
If the crime occurred within Sacramento City - Report a Crime.